Mobile Loyalty Advantages

No more Manual Data Entry for you

You will not have to do any manual data entry of all clients participating in your Loyalty Program. This is already done for you by the clients themselves when they register using to your program using the provided Opt-In mechanisms!!!

No extra costs for Application Forms or Plastic Cards

You will not have to pay for costly paper application forms or obsolete Plastic Cards.

User friendly technology that allows clients to always carry their Loyalty Cards with them

Allow your customers to always participate and take advantage of your promotions. A Happy customer is always a Loyal Customer.

Technology Compatible with Any Mobile Phone

Mobile Loyalty Cards can be distributed as simple SMS text messages, as Multimedia Messages (SMS with a Weblink) or even Email

Create or Extend you Customer Database

Your clients can interact and benefit from your Mobile Campaign 24/7 just by visitng your website or social media page. SImple online advertising can help you extend your existing Customer Database with clients you would never reach otherwise.

Start Profiling your Clients

Get to know your customers better by analyzing the kind of campaigns they react to, more. Use this information to separate customers in groups and address them personally. This will definitely maximize your ROI

Eco friendly solution

Mobile Loyalty cards are 100% ECO friendly solution. Communicate this to your clients. Who doesn't appreciate that!!!

100% Secure Solution through personalization

Each Loyalty Card, contains a unique code for client personalization and valuable reporting of your client's behavior.