Mobile Loyalty Card Creator

Coupon Creator

Our free online Mobile Loyalty Card Creator, allows you to easily create stunning Mobile Loyalty Cards for your customers. It will allow you to use your own words and images, background colours, and allow you to customize it in such a way that it matches your current profile and brand identity.

Mobile Loyalty Card Codes

Each Mobile Loyalty Card has a unique ID that is used in order to make sure that each card is unique and authentic. You can provide your own set of codes, if that is needed, or we will randomly generate a unique code each time a mobile loyalty card is sent.

Barcode Types Supported

In order to comply with existing systems you may have, you are able to use one of the following barcode types for your campaigns

QR Code



Code 39


Passbook Ready

Recipients of your campaigns using I-Phone or I-Pads, will receive their Mobile Loyalty Card directly in their native passbook application.


Mobile Loyalty Cards created with our system can be received on any kind of mobile device ranging from old black and white phones (will receive Loyalty Cards as text message), to the latest smartphones and tablets available.

Mobile Loyalty Tools

We provide you with all the tools you will need to easily build and manage Mobile Loyalty Programsfor your business:

Online Mobile Loyalty Card Creator

online mobile card creator

Create impressive mobile loyalty cards easily and with no experience using our online mobile coupon creator.


Mobile Loyalty Card delivery mechanisms

Μηχανισμοί διανομής Mobile Coupons

Instantly deliver mobile loyalty cards to your customers mobile phones using SMS, Multimedia SMS or Emails.


Mobile Loyalty Opt-In Mechanisms

 Μηχανισμοί Opt-In για Mobile Coupons

Use provided Opt-In mechanisms, and rapidly spread loyalty cards to your customers. Use Facebook, Twitter, Website, Posters with QR codes, Premium SMS.


Redemption of Mobile Loyalty Cards

Σκανάρισμα, Επικύρωση και Εξαργύρωση των Mobile Coupons

Use provided redemption mechanisms in order to execute your campaigns.