Find below provided opt-in mechanisms for your Mobile Coupon Campaigns


Facebook is an excellent way to attract new customers and increase your revenues. Inform your customers about promotions and instantly deliver Mobile Coupons to their Mobile Phones using provided Facebook Application. Go even further by posting your promotion to your customer's Facebook wall and spread the news even further !!!

Must show photos lifelike of our facebook application where users can put details to get photo. Also must show a post by our customer letting customers know about a new offer. Also must show a post on users wall after he has just registered and received his mobile coupon

facebook application opt in facebook opt in 3 facebook opt in application Facebook-coupon


Tweet your promotion and drive customers to your website Mobile Coupon Application. Increase your customer's interest on your website and have them return again for you rirresistable offeres

(must add here photo of tweet with a promo and a url. Then must show photo of website with opt in mechanism but as if it was real campaign)

website opt-in

QR Code

Allow your customers to request Mobile Coupons by Scanning a QR code using their Smartphone.

Must add photo of here of some banner with QR coupon campaign. Must also show samples on printed materials or products and show how this could be really used and taken advantage off

qr coupon opt-in

Premium SMS

Allow your customers to request Mobile Coupons by Sending a simple SMS command to a 5 digit shortcode

Must show real life premium sms opt in on printed materials, adds, outdoor e.t.c

premium sms2 opt-in premium sms opt in

Mobile App and Geolocation

If you currently have a mobile application about your business or product, you may enhance its functionality by allowing customers to register and receive Mobile Coupons for your in store promotions. What a great way to engage your clients with your mobile application and make sure it will never get uninstalled. Go even further and offer Mobile Coupons to your customers when they are in the area!

Must show screen on mobile application showing many promotions with a button on the right of each one like "get coupon now"

mobile app opt in