Overview of Mobile Loyalty System

mobile loyalty

Loyal customers bring revenue growth. So loyalty programs are introduced in order to offer incentives for long term spending and bigger share of wallet. database and an excellent reason to get in contact with new and existing customers.

So there you have application forms and plastic cards, lots of plastic cards! Then you have data entry and then the loyalty software.

Now you have something Faster, Cheaper, Better. You have Mobile Loyalty by Yuboto! a fully featured loyalty program, a highly targeted marketing tool that will definatelly boost your sales.

Its the easiest way to build, manage and monitor a direct and engaging loyalty program for your customers! Start now and get advantage of awesome extra features.

Set up your own Loaylty program in minutes. There is no need for any investment, nor equipment, neither you need to be IT certified Engineer

Getting Started:

  1. Register and enable Mobile Loyalty services to your account
  2. Create your Mobile Loyalty cards using provided free Online Loyalty Card Creator
  3. Allow users to register for your Loyalty program using the provided Opt-In mechanisms
  4. Deliver Loyalty Cards to your clients via SMS, Multimedia Message or Email
  5. Use provided scanning and validation mechanismto scan Loyalty cards and credit or redeem your customers accounts
  6. View realtime reports and analytics
  7. Stay in touch with your clients even after your event has finished preparing them for the next, using provided simple and effective Mobile Marketing tools

Simple Loyalty System

Characteristics: 1 euro spent equals 1 point in your system per loyalty card restricted by time period and geographic location

Can be used as: Loyalty Card